Belmont Reclaim

T-shirt RECLAIM V/_001 - Black

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T-shirt RECLAIM from the Belmont Basics collection.

  • It has the Belmont logo printed on the chest (in the part left).
  • The coordinates and the name of the collection printed in the part lower right (at the front).
  • he "BELMONT RECLAIM" logo (20cm) centred above (in the back).
  • RingSpun combed cotton with a gentle wash.
  • Two-ply yarn to give greater consistency to the fabric with better printing results.
  • 180 gram compact, ideal for any season of the year. 
  • Designed and tested at the BELMONT workshop in Valencia, Spain. 
  • Made in Spain, manufactured entirely in Spain.


Ringspun cotton is perfect for certain types of printing. As a result of the softer surface of the garment, the print has a much more pleasant feel instead of feeling rough and scraped, which gives a extra comfort.


100% natural material, of cotton, linen, silk or wool. In addition, please note that natural materials can shrink.


The fabric thread can be single or double ply, but Belmont T-shirts always use two-ply yarn. The two-ply yarn is actually the union of two threads that will give a more consistent basis for the fabric of your t-shirt and, for more quality, it will be 2X2.


Between 130 and 145gr/m2: Low grammage. Very lightweight t-shirts, ideal for summer. Between 150 and 165gr/m2: Average weight. The most common T-shirts. Between 185 and 220gr/m2: High grammage. Very thick T-shirts. Most recommended for winter.

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